Custom Orthotics

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Custom orthotics are biomechanical appliances that look like insoles and are inserted or built into your footwear. They are designed to better align the bones in your feet and ankles into the most anatomically efficient position, reducing the stress and strain on your body.

With over 12 years of orthotic experience, we perform specific orthopedic and gait analyses in order to determine any dysfunctions or structural problems with the patient’s feet or walking patterns. Then we cast your foot to make a product specifically designed to your anatomy and your lifestyle.

Squires Family Chiropractic works exclusively with The Orthotic Group, Canada’s leading experts in orthotic education, who partner with some of the most popular shoe makers:
- Reebok, Clarks, New Balance, Merrell, Asics, Brooks, Skechers and many more…..

Visit their website to see some of their shoe and sandal options: