I took my massage training in 2017 at the Alberta College of Massage Training and I am an Alberta registered massage specialist and body-worker. I am passionate about how the human body works and I am constantly upgrading my skills with continuing education courses and other online seminars such as Tom Myers Anatomy trains, Deep Flow and Yoga therapy. I use many different techniques in my treatments and I like to work slowly and on the connective tissue. My goal is to help my clients reconnect with their breath to help relieve pain and to relax and I will sometimes incorporate some short breathing exercises. I have recently completed two courses in Spring 2019;

Lynda roscoe

Lynda roscoe

  1. Deep Flow: restorative body work, which combines restorative yoga and manual therapy for a truly relaxing and tension melting experience.

  2. Yoga Therapy Intensive: this course breaks down fundamental movements (lunging, squatting, balance +) so we can really see what it is that’s working and what isn’t and help you get out of pain through movement.

  I am super passionate about fitness and health. I try to walk the walk; I am an avid runner and Crossfitter, I did my first marathon in September 2018 and 2019 will be my 5th time doing the Emperors Challenge mountain race in Tumbler Ridge. I am also looking into getting my CrossFit Level 1 training within the next year.

  I look forward to working with you at Squires Family Chiropractic.