Dr. Gary Squires and Dr. Jillian Squires are owner’s/operators of Squires Family Chiropractic and have been treating patients in the Peace Region since 2012. After graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, the couple worked in Southern Portugal where they owned & operated a clinic, becoming immersed in the Portuguese culture, learning the language and traveling when they could, around the country and the rest of Europe. After three years in Portugal, they were ready to lay down some roots and headed back to Canada. Both doctors being originally from Newfoundland, they love the outdoors and were naturally drawn to British Columbia. In their spare time you can find them out on the cross-country ski trails in the winter or biking and running in the summer. Since making Dawson Creek their new home in 2012, their family has expanded with the additions of Emma, Henry and Hazel.


Dr. Gary has a diverse background in Chiropractic practice, in everything from traditional Chiropractic to sports & functional rehabilitation, including a keen interest in neurological and neuromuscular function. Dr. Gary has specialized training in biomechanical assessments and evaluations, and is certified in Functional Movement Assessments - determining if a patient’s global movement patterns are dysfunctional and how this affects their daily functions and tasks. He is dedicated to keeping his patients active and moving as much as possible, no matter what the age. He is also one of the few doctors in the region who is qualified to fit and prescribe custom orthotics.


Dr. Jillian has ample experience treating patients of all ages and her background in Kinesiology is an asset in diagnosing problems from head to toe. She is trained in Active Release Technique (A.R.T), which is a specific muscle release technique that is extremely effective in treating a wide range of muscular injuries and conditions from shoulder injuries to tension headaches. She has developed an interest in pediatric care since the birth of their first child, specifically in the area of neurological and vestibular function. She also has a strong practice with pregnant and post-partum moms. She is a certified MUTU pro, helping mothers recover from the physical tolls of pregnancy and delivery, which include pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse, diastasis (separation of abdominal muscles) and lower back pain.