At Squires Family Chiropractic, we see athletes of all ages and skill levels. From weekend warriors to national-level athletes, we see all the injuries and dysfunctions. We provide therapy to those who are suffering from symptoms and dysfunctions, but we also help the pain-free athlete train and perform better, to reach the next skill level and compete at their very best.

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Our Strategy: 1. reduce pain and symptoms, as quick as possible 2. Once the patient can move with ease we dissect their movement patterns in order to determine why those symptoms may have arose in the first place. Some patients hurt themselves from traumatic events, like falling, tripping, lifting weight, etc. However, the majority of our patients can’t recall a specific event when their symptoms started - this often indicates that the repetition of specific movements (such as running gait, lifting techniques, skating patterns, etc) or even just everyday tasks (such as walking, bending and sitting) are the probable culprit. We find any weakness/instabilities, range of motion restrictions or dysfunctional movement patterns that are putting physical stress on the body 3. Then we train our patients to work on those deficiencies and maintain optimum performance.

Our Goal: Allow anyone and everyone to continue playing and participating in whatever they want, as long as they want. Because that is true health care. Movement is life. Happiness is health.