Without the work of Dr. Gary I never would have made it to the start line of Ironman Couere D’Alene. The work you did on my Achilles and calves saved my race!
— Stewart D.
I first saw Dr. Jill when my infant son had trouble sleeping. Chiropractic care quickly became something that I did for myself to help with my headaches and back pain. I highly recommend both Dr. Jill and Dr. Gary
— L. R.
Dr. Jillian and Dr. Gary have both helped me and my family to keep us active and healthy. I highly recommend both of them!
— Danielle C.
Dr.Gary has been treating my neurologic symptoms and sports injuries for the past three years using torque technique among other specialized treatments. He has helped me stay active, mobile and pain free.
I cannot say enough to express my profound gratitude and happiness with his treatments.
— R.D.
Dr Gary and Jill are amazing at what they do! They are thorough and guide you to self care to help your injuries. They are loving and amazing people and will be nothing but perfect for all of your chiropractic needs
— Tara E.
Easily the best chiropractors around. I always get comprehensive, thoughtful and attentive care from Dr. Gary. He’s helped me work through several minor sports related injuries and helps me to stay on top of my mobility issues. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— K.K.
I have been treated by both Jill and Gary. They have helped me immensely with back issues as a result of a car accident and pregnancies. Jill has also helped my two infant sons with their tummy troubles and gas. They’re trustworthy and genuinely care about their patients.
— Leesa L.
Best chiropractic care in town! Professional, friendly and effective. I highly recommend them!
— Janna L.
I have visited both Drs Gary and Jillian many times in past several years as they helped me to maintain and recover my pre/postnatal physical health and to relieve pain and headaches associated with tension and misalignment in my hips, back and neck. After observing that my preschool-aged son was becoming increasingly averse to vertical and rocking motions, I happened upon a blog post Dr. Jillian had written about children with similar issues. When I brought my son in, she was able to immediately diagnosis and begin treating the root causes of his then-paralyzing fear of being lifted, carried or sitting in a swing. Within just a few treatments, the change in my son was nothing short of amazing - I could rock my little guy in the chair before bed for the first time in almost a year. He has now regained his confidence on the playground and will allow himself to be picked up again! Dr. Jill has also helped my newborn son with several well-baby treatments in his first months - they are truly family-centred practitioners and excellent with all ages!
— Jennifer G.